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I have had a torn rotator cuff for about 1 year and was treated by another PT and made some improvements. I then had 2 series of cortisone injections with slight improvement. I was recommended to (AEPT) by another Physical Therapist and in 2 months I have made GREAT gains-less pain, More strength, more mobility and I am sleeping more comfortably. I highly recommend Athletic Evolution Physical Therapy.

Paul E, DMD

AE PT is amazing!! I go to see (AEPT) as part of my recovery from a car accident and (they are) so knowledgeable! (Their staff) explains every step as we go so I know why I hurt and why our treatment makes progress…The easiest (and most fun!!) PT experience I’ve had. Thank you AE PT!

Tory B

My son was referred to AE Physical Therapy by Boston Children’s Hospital’s Chief Orthopedic, Sports Medicine Division. (If you need any more convincing to go to AE PT, I’ll indulge you below.)

For over a year, my 14 year old son had been suffering hip pain while playing soccer. (The staff’s) knowledge of the sport coupled with her expertise as a Physical Therapist proved to be a winning combination. After working with (their staff) for several weeks, my son was FINALLY pain free. The treatment he received helped pave the way for his success as a freshman on his high school’s varsity soccer team.

Fast forward a few months, and I was back at AE PT with my younger son who injured his ankle during a soccer practice. While the initial X-Ray showed no fracture, per Julie’s recommendation we pursued additional imaging. The MRI showed a stress fracture. I am so grateful for Julie’s keen observation. Had we not gotten the MRI, my son would have surely further injured himself.

My son’s ankle was casted for several weeks and resumed PT after the cast was removed. Julie and the entire AE PT team worked diligently to get my son back onto the field.

Fingers crossed my family will remain injury-free for a long time. However, it’s comforting to know where we’ll go if ever we need physical therapy in the future.

Jennifer P

Outstanding facility!!! Even better staff!

Gabe D

Athletic Evolution Physical Therapy is the cleanest most professional office I have ever been to. They are hard working and always working to improve their experience for all patients, no matter what the age. (Their staff) have treated all types of injuries and have experience treating any type of injury. They are both so friendly and never make anything uncomfortable. With the help of Athletic Evolution Physical Therapy any injury will be healed quickly.

Dylan R

I have been to many physical therapy facilities and Athletic Evolution is the best by far. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and thorough. The tables are comfortable and the place is very clean. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need of physical therapy!

Jeff S

Highly recommend Athletic Evolution Physical Therapy! Staff is organized, professional, and very knowledgeable. (AEPT) has created an amazing environment that helped me understand more about my injury and got me back to full strength in no time. Only place I will ever come back to for any physical therapy needs!

David S

I would highly recommend this office. It is super easy to make an appointment…This is one of the nicest PT offices l have ever been in. Being a former gymnast it is nice having a PT who also understands the stress the sport poses on the body.

Emma W

The Athletic evolution physical therapy family is the best PT place in the universe! They get you pain free and back to sport as quickly as possible. I hope you go here because you won’t regret it and will have great memories!

Jack M

Athletic Evolution Physical Therapy is a very comfortable yet professional environment. (The staff) really cares about each and every one of her patients and works incredibly hard to make sure I am happy and healthy. Ever since working with (AEPT) I’ve felt like a new athlete, and trust her completely.

Nancy B

Great experience here at AE! Highly would recommend this to anyone. The physical therapist are so fun, know they’re stuff, and will get you back on the field ASAP!

Shane O

Athletic Evolution Physical Therapy helped me quickly recover for my back injury before summer. All the employees treat you like family and I look forward to coming in every week. They make it extremely easy to schedule an appointment and are always around for help if you need anything at all.

Adam D

Nothing beats AE PT. Super easy to get an appointment with any of the three equally amazing physical therapists. All of them are super nice, caring, and fun to work with. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Shane C

It’s so clean! So easy to get an appointment! So nice in that room! (Staff) is so great! I love coming here!

Cam G.

I have had such an unbelievable experience at AE PT. (Their staff) is very compassionate worker who is devoted to all of her patients. They are extremely knowledgeable and great at making quick diagnoses. They helped me recover from my calf injury in half the time than I thought it would take. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has had an ongoing injury or just suffered a new one to come here to get it fixed. Overall this is the best PT place I’ve ever been too.

Peter D.

(AEPT) goes above and beyond. They will have you back to daily life in no time! (Their staff) take the time to get to know you, and truly care about you as their patient. Highly recommend coming here for a new and fun physical therapy experience!

Taylor G.

AE PT has proven to be essential to my athletic performance. I go in once a week and I feel the results. If I did not go to them at least once a week then I would be unable to perform at my best when it matters most…I can’t thank AE PT enough for how much they have helped.

Bryan P.

The team at AE PT are awesome. As a former collegiate athlete and now full-time weekend warrior, they do their best to fix this ailment riddled body anytime I ask (essentially an impossible task). Not only is the staff knowledgeable and experienced but the facilities are outstanding. The PT room is in great shape and their ability to make use of the sports performance gym at AE makes this a One Stop Shop!

Ryan J.

Convenient, expert staff that helped me get back to feeling 100% quickly. Also love that exercises complete with diagrams and videos of how to properly execute the exercises were emailed to me before I left my first appointment.

Michelle R.

Absolutely love this place!!! Been coming here for almost a year and every time my experience is amazing. The treatment I get here is the best!!!

Catherine H.

The staff at AE PT are amazing and fun people. They make you feel at home. The office is very clean and has an energetic atmosphere. 10/10 recommend.

Cassandra V.

This place changed my outlook on Physical Therapy, I actually like going to my appointments every week. The staff is great and I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Kevin W.

Everyone at AE PT are awesome. It is a great place to work on your recovery and I always feel better after going.

Abby C.

Hands down AE PT is the best physical therapy in the greater Boston Area!! SLS trains over 300 athletes per year and I trust AE PT with our athletes. The most positive energy and dedicated group you will ever meet.

Joseph D.

Welcoming and professional facility and the staff are very knowledgeable and personable. I would not recommend going anywhere else in the greater Boston area for Physical Therapy. Best in the business.

Reagan W.

I definitely recommend AE PT! The staff make you feel very comfortable. They are knowledgeable and experienced. I’ve been practicing CrossFit for a couple of years, and I’ve had two main injuries. I was afraid I would be asked not to do CrossFit anymore. The staff totally understood how I felt about it, and helped me to continue practicing the sport I love, and modify my sessions, so that I can still recover. I came to AE PT recommended by friends at my gym. Thank YOU!!!!

Dalia V.

Awesome PT feel good after every session!

Nicholas B.

I’m a high school athlete, they saw me right away and got me back on the field faster than any PT place I have ever been to!

Nolan H.

My son play’s basketball and suffered an ankle sprain. With the Arp therapy treatment (10 sessions) it fast track his recovery to be able to be back in two weeks to finish his season. Thank you Scott!!

William C.

This place is awesome, fun and enjoyable environment. Highly recommend!

Elliot B.

Amazing trainers and a great therapy pupper!

Kaela T.

Great facility and great treatment from the physical therapy office. Very relaxing, encouraging environment, and learned a lot about rehabbing and maintaining my body during recovery.

Amilton B.

Great service at AE, one of the best staffs here. Very punctual and on time, very professional with all their services and knowledgeable with the skills.

Paul Z.

AE/PT They were my first experience with PT for my son and I. I can’t say enough good things about them. Their professionalism attitude and ability to make you feel as comfortable as possible are simply amazing. The improvements they have made with regards to my sons mobility are off the charts. His overall Athletic performance has improved 10 fold. There are many PT clinics out there. I’m just happy we found the best one first. Thank you AE/PT for your dedication and commitment to what you do for our athletes!

Joseph B.

No one wants the hassle of PT but when you need to be fixed, this is the pace to go. The therapy itself was easy to coordinate (medical billing handled by AE PT), convenient, and easy to schedule. The therapists are amazing – energetic, knowledgeable and eager to get you back to regular activities. Between the guided exercises, “alternative” options like cupping and dry needling, deep therapeutic massages, and therapists dedicated to listening and treating, AE PT cannot be beat.

Michelle R.

AE/PT is where Smart Light Sports send all its athletes for physical therapy because they get their athletes back to play quickly and efficiently! The other reason is because the owner and staff are amazing!!! You always feel welcome when you arrive, during and when you leave. Our players love AE/PT and we are confident you will too!

Joe D.

I am new to the world of Physical Therapy, so this is a first for me. I was having lower back and knee pain. The staff at AE are professional and very knowledgeable. I truly feel welcome when I go to my appointments, and would/will forever recommend AE therapy to anyone I believe is in need.

Kevin W.

I have been to many physical therapy facilities and Athletic Evolution is the best by far. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and thorough. The tables are comfortable and the place is very clean. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need of physical therapy!

Jeff S.

Their staff are amazing, It’s a very welcoming place feel very comfortable in this physical therapy building they make my athletic abilities better every day.

Nick B.

Their staff are beyond helpful with getting you right back to where you need to be. They both excel in specific areas but are beyond great in every aspect. They have perfect hours. Check them out!!

Billy O.

Their staff do a great job working with athletes who are recovering from injury to get them back to full strength as quickly as possible. The atmosphere here is awesome and is a great place to receive physical therapy. The staff keeps the office immaculate and it is very easy to schedule an appointment.

Dan B.

Best PT place ever!!!!! 100 out of 10 would recommend for any injury.

Matt M.