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Cutting Edge Treatment, Administered By Highly Skilled Therapists

Athletic Evolution Physical Therapy (AE PT) provides patients with the latest cutting edge treatment, administered by our highly skilled team of therapists, to help each patient achieve their own individual goals. Our unique facility and experience with athletic populations help bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance training. Our proven approach will help each client return to their sport or desired physical activity pain and symptom free.

Our Services

AE PT emphasizes a hands-on approach that includes a thorough biomechanical assessment of how the body moves and functions to determine what specific muscle imbalances and movement impairments may be leading to dysfunction or limiting performance.

Our Staff

Our therapists will integrate a variety of modalities and treatment methods including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and strength and conditioning to assure the patient gets the best possible care.


We offer a variety of return to sport programs so that our patients can choose an option that best fits what they need and want. Here what our patients are saying.