Injury Prevention / Return to Sport

Our Return to Sport Program is designed for our patients who are nearing the end of their Physical Therapy treatment at AE PT, but are either unprepared to start training on their own or could benefit from a bridge between therapy and traditional sports specific training. Too often we see patients/athletes being discharged from Physical Therapy because they can walk around pain free, but are not prepared for the athletic demands of their sport or the physical demands of their job or lifestyle. This unfortunately can lead to a set-back or another injury. Our therapists will work in conjunction with our strength coaches, using your initial evaluation, treatments, and a post treatment evaluation to essentially create a road map to lead you from therapy back to your sport. We offer a variety of return to sport programs so that our patients can choose an option that best fits what they need and want. Each program will be customized just for you, and feature our strength coaches and therapists working together to best serve you. Our team will work with you to find the best available option for you and your long term health.